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Hands-On Experience Across Business Functions


1Onion's team has strategic vision combined with hands-on practical experience gained as directors of, and consultants to, successful SMEs across a range of business sectors including IT and New Technology.

Our Business Direction services comprise:

Interim and Non Exec Roles- the supply of Interim Directors and Managers and Non Executive Directors

Restructuring and Cost Control - company restructuring, cost reduction consultancy and implementation

Scaleable Business Set Up - a complete service of setting up a company and getting it up and running


Interim and Non Executive Roles


1Onion provides business direction and consultancy services covering almost every function within a SME.

Running a successful SME is about increasing sales, ensuring growth and generating increasing profits.

In reality, it's also about the know-how and experience to successfully navigate the difficult times and prosper in the good times. It's about having the right strategy and organisational framework to overcome the challenges and hurdles presented by economic conditions, statutory regulation, employees, suppliers and other factors.

1Onion has done it before - whether it is establishing a start-up from scratch, restructuring a poorly performing business, computerising one function or an entire company, setting up a sales operation, developing brand identity, a marketing strategy or opening new opportunities online or in new markets. .

1Onion consultants are available on an interim, non executive or project basis.


Restructuring and Cost Control


At some stage of their development, most SMEs have to reduce their costs or restructure their organisation.

1Onion consultants have been responsible for cutting SME cost bases by up to 27%.

Reducing costs is a financially rewarding exercise but it is a challenging task. Cost reduction can mean reducing headcount and expenditure, putting pressure on suppliers, discarding outmoded but entrenched working practices, overcoming employee resistance and complying with cumbersome regulatory regimes.

It involves rocking the boat and ruffling feathers and the person in charge may not get much in the way of thanks from other members of the organisation.

1Onion will help you successfully manage what is one of the most challenging but financially beneficial aspects of running an SME.

As part of a Restructuring and Cost Control exercise, 1Onion will:

  • Analyse the current and historic cost base of your business
  • Advise on the value of potential savings and the feasibility of achieving them
  • Identify high cost and inefficient areas of the business
  • Demonstrate how savings can be achieved practically in every area - by new technology, through changes in working practices, outsourcing ...
  • Define a Restructuring Plan which is compatible with your culture, meets your particular needs and incorporates ethical considerations
  • Manage the restructure consultation process with staff
  • Source appropriate equipment and technology
  • Implement the Restructuring Plan, including re-organisation, new procedures and training
  • Following implementation, monitor, review and fine tune the new structure
  • Conduct a Return on Restructure Analysis to ensure savings have been delivered


Scaleable Business Set Up for Venture/Equity Backed Enterprises


1Onion's Business Set Up Service is principally aimed at Venture or Equity backed businesses that have a commercial idea which needs bringing to market quickly and efficiently.

1Onion's Business Set Up Service will enable your company to start trading as soon as it is practical - buying, selling and delivering to your customers at the earliest opportunity.

1Onion will put in place an organisational framework scaleable to the planned development stages of the start up and the distinct challenges at each of those stages.

1Onion will:

  • Develop the business strategy, the business plan and establish objectives
  • Define targets and performance measurement mechanisms
  • Determine corporate culture, ethics and policy
  • Develop a personnel structure and recruit staff
  • Handle statutory issues: Customs and Excise, PAYE, Insurance, Health & Safety
  • Locate and secure premises, furniture, vehicles
  • Devise a marketing strategy and plan - developing branding, marketing collateral and web presence
  • Research, specify and deploy suitable ITC systems - telephony, software and hardware
  • Set up procurement processes and ensure supply lines are in place
  • Set up sales processes and build a sales team which is well trained, equipped and ready to go
  • Plan a phased and timely exit strategy for the start-up team