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Specifying, Implementing & Optimising Systems



1Onion has successfully provided IT (Information Technology) consultancy to over 100 clients. 1Onion consultants give independent, no-nonsense advice based on practical experience acquired in their own businesses and working as advisers to 1Onion clients.

Typical projects undertaken cover Financial, Operations, Performance Monitoring, Reporting and e-Business Systems.

Our team includes accredited consultants for Sage, SAP, Access Accounts and other SME software packages. They have specified and implemented Local Area Network, Wide Area Network and browser-based solutions.

1Onion services cover:


Optimising Your Business Processes


1Onion's aim is to harmonise and optimise your organisation's strengths and way of working with your chosen IT solution while extracting maximum benefit from that IT solution.

We assess all existing processes in your organisation to see if and how they can be improved and by how much. We calculate the investment of time, resource and money required to deliver that improvement and exactly what return on investment can be expected over a given timeframe.

It may be that your paper flows, job descriptions and office or warehouse organisation require updating to enable you to utilise the full benefits of your software system. Alternatively, some functions in your business may be more efficient if completed manually. In our experience, most SMEs have their own particular requirements which need to be considered.

We ensure your IT systems deliver a tangible return on investment by maximising savings in terms of employee time and financial outlay.


SME Business Functions Covered



1Onion provides consultancy on IT services for the following business functions:

  • Core Accounts (Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Banking)
  • Debt Control
  • Stock Control and Warehousing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Sales Order Processing/Invoicing
  • EPOS and Trade Counter
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Request to Purchase and Procurement
  • Job or Project Costing
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Payroll and Human Resources
  • Management Reporting
  • Key Performance Monitoring and Business Alerts
  • Practice Management
  • Email, Fax and SMS
  • Web Design
  • B2B and B2C e-Business


Enterprise Wide Systems Implementation


1Onion project manages and advises clients on system implementation, ensuring a carefully planned and efficient deployment. This enables you to keep your company functioning normally during a roll out of a system.

1Onion's extensive service covers:

  • Planning and phasing the system roll-out
  • Production of an Implementation Plan
  • Hardware Specification
  • Data structure, manipulation and presentation
  • Determining the optimum configuration of the system
  • Data migration
  • Staff training - methods, content and schedules
  • Integration with other business software applications
  • Advice on cost effective workarounds which avoid expensive bespoke programming
  • System testing Managing the system go-live Project and system review



System Selection - Software & Hardware



1Onion will assist you right from the start. We will help you select the right software solution from the huge range of SME software available - from an integrated company wide solution to an off-the-shelf application. It is essential that decisions are made right , first time round. Mistakes can be very costly.

1Onion will:

  • Assist you in defining your requirements
  • Identify your 'non-standard' needs which are the key to successful software use and selection
  • Research and review the solutions available
  • Highlight the specific differences in software features (eg. It says "multi-currency" and "project costing" on the box but what does this mean in practice?)
  • Assess future-proofing, scalability and upgrade options
  • Specify hardware and networking requirements
  • Produce a return on investment analysis
  • Recommend the most appropriate solution