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Purchasing & Inventory
Optimising Operations



End to End Set Up and Process Optimisation


1Onion offers a range of services to optimise the performance of the Operations side of your business - Sales, Purchasing, Stock, Warehousing and on-going provision of services to customers.

Our team have set up entire operations frameworks and reformed existing ones, working in their own businesses and on behalf of clients.

1Onion will deliver increased sales, maximised purchasing efficiency, optimised stock holding and shorter lead times by blending the latest technology and methods with the existing strengths of your business.

In our experience, most SMEs have their own particular requirements which need to be considered. We are continually aware of your organisation's structure, way of working and culture when setting up or improving your operations framework.

Our service comprises:

  • The establishment of the operations functions, eg the set up of the End to End Sales and Purchasing Processes, Warehousing
  • Optimisation and improvement of pre-existing operations functions


Sales - End to End Set Up



1Onion will set up an infrastructure to generate leads from varied sources, qualify them and handle them through each stage of the sales process.

When developing an effective Sales Operations capability, the 1Onion team will work with you to:

  • Devise a coherent and structured end to end sales process which maximizes the use of your sales resource
  • Select and configure a Customer Relationship Management software system
  • Manage the in-house telesales team or appoint an external agency
  • Provide training in sales, presentation and negotiation techniques
  • Evaluate enquiries and determine which leads will translate into sales and which may be just a waste of valuable time
  • Motivate and incentivise your sales team
  • Define the key selling points and develop sales tactics
  • Design sales aids, telesales scripts, case studies and value added tools for use by the sales team
  • Implement effective lead qualification, prospect escalation and sales pipeline tracking procedures
  • Organise sales events - seminars and exhibitions
  • Set up after sales account management to retain existing customers and generate follow-on business


Purchasing and Inventory - End to End Set Up


1Onion's team will assist you in:

  • Opening of the supply channel - selection of suppliers, negotiation of terms of business and determination of practical trading arrangements.
  • Warehouse organisation including Layout, Goods In, Goods Out, Goods Return and drop-ship arrangements.
  • Stock item management and tracing including product coding, categorisation, description and pricing such as quantity breaks, factored pricing (per crate, each etc), serial and batch number tracking methods
  • Optimisation of stock holding purchase planning for season, location, etc in order to shorten delivery times and reduce funds tied up in stock
  • Organising and planning production and assembly procedures for basic manufacturing resource planning and Bill of Materials with assemblies, subassemblies and components
  • Organisation of Customer Support Desk and After Sales Service and Repairs Procedures
  • Purchase Order Processing - the specification and set up of Request to Purchase procedures and Purchase Authorisations systems



Optimising and Improving an Existing Operation


To improve your existing operation, reduce costs and lead times, 1Onion will deliver a sound return on investment by:

  • Evaluating the business processes and operations in your organisation
  • Highlighting where improvements can be made and where things are best left unchanged
  • Suggesting the appropriate use of new technology or equipment (see ICT consultancy)
  • Assessing the effects of changes in one department to other parts of the organisation
  • Identifying areas prone to error and ways to prevent mistakes occurring in them
  • Implementing routines and reports to satisfy statutory and management reporting requirements
  • Advising on contingency planning and ways of ensuring rapid recovery in case of system failure